Hi there! I’m Jessica Pickett, entertainment business professional and current globetrotter. I've been a music junkie for as long as I can remember, having grown up with my life revolving almost entirely around band, choir, orchestra, and theater. As I got older I realized that my true calling was not being on stage but instead working behind the scenes. Over the last six years I've tackled various facets of the industry including venue operations, music promotion, box office management, festival programming, and event logistics.  

Another lifelong love of mine is writing. When I was 15, I watched Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous and believed I saw my future in William Miller’s character as a music journalist (cheesy, right?). After high school I went to college in Atlanta to study journalism and received a BA with a concentration in public relations and a minor in music management. Following that I extended my studies and attained a MS in entertainment business. After graduation I threw my belongings and my pup, Bowie, in my car and jetted off to try my luck in Austin: The Live Music Capitol of the World!

I didn’t end up landing a job with Rolling Stone, but after a lot of hustling I snagged a pretty sweet gig as a Music Festival Programmer with the internationally known SXSW Conferences and Festivals. The music portion represents 65 countries annually and I had the opportunity to work with musicians from across the globe.

After a fulfilling five-year run I decided it was time to make my next career move, however, I left the company with a strong desire to continue to work with international music. Prior to the last six months I'd done little traveling and felt the need to gain more worldliness before I could progress with doing so. Enter my passion project: I decided that I would tour around the world for a year to seek out music and performers of all types, research the cultures that influence these arts, and dedicate a blog to my explorations. Nearly nine months of planning later, there I was, finally attempting to have my William Miller moment.

Six months on the road and ten countries later, I am now an Australian expat, residing in Melbourne and planning my next adventure to keep this blog rolling. If you share my affection for new music and travel but don’t always know where to look for ideas, subscribe to my mailing list and I’ll shoot you over my discoveries as I find them. You can also share your ideas and feedback with me on the Contact page. Thanks for supporting me on this journey!